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Residential landscaping by Frate Landscaping, Inc.

A Note from Chuck

It is with great pride that we announce our 60th year in business! My Father John A. Frate started our family business in 1959 at just 16 years old! Back then things were a bit different and he was able to go to school in the mornings and work thereafter.

My Dad worked very hard to provide for all of us. He always put the needs of our family first. I can remember him leaving me a fifty cent piece for lunch every day when I was just a kid. Dad would work tirelessly every day often into the evening! He worked in the rain, sun and cold.

The "Frate" Way.

Chuck Frate states "Often customers will call me in the morning with a special request like a last minute gathering, a dead plant that needs replacing, or we have some light bulbs out on the landscape lighting." These tasks are done before the customer returns home that evening. We pride ourselves upon speedy service. The Frate Way is a combination of excellence in our work and service, paying strict attention to detail and the customers' needs with a good dose of personal touch. We are very proud of the fact that we have a fiercely loyal clientele.